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DeatschWerks 95lbs Injector

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DeatschWerks has built the most comprehensive injector offering in the industry. The DW line-up covers high impedance, low impedance, GDI, EFI, side feed, and top feed. DW not only works directly with Bosch Performance to deliver a complete EV14 line up, but also offers Denso, SMP, JECS, and Delphi options.

DW high flow fuel injectors are only offered in balanced sets processed through our multi-point dynamic flow testing system. This system replicates the dynamic frequencies and pulse widths your injectors experience in your high performance engine to create a set of injectors balanced to within 2% flow variation across the low, transitional, and linear ranges of pulse widths. 

DW knows that proper data is required for proper tuning. All DW injectors are fully characterized in-house via SAE J1832 standards. Injector data is available in General Characterization Summaries and Application Specific formats. See website for details.

Full Injector TUNING DATA can be found at "deatschwerks.com":http://www.deatschwerks.com under the Support tab.

All DW injectors are backed with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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