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Gforce 850 Axles Left and Right

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Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-new GForce Engineering Axles for the S550 Mustang are unlike any entry-level axle on the market. This axle set uses CNC-machined billet CV internals, one-piece CNC-machined inner and outer stubs and the strongest axle bars available in this configuration.

They are a direct replacement for factory half-shafts and are designed for cars with mild bolt-ons to those running superchargers and turbos. These axles are rated to 850HP+. If you think you will approach these power numbers or eventually eclipse them, we encourage you to look at the Ford Performance Outlaw axles we also manufacture as a potential upgrade.

Machined from proprietary aerospace billet allow, the 850HP axles feature a 28-spline axle bar and custom built CV joints. The larger diameter axle bars and premium aerospace allow make GForce entry-level axles the strongest available.

In addition to the increased strength, the 850HP axles feature anti-wheel hop technology. Originally brought to market by GM several years ago, all GForce axles feature this same technology and offer a significant reduction in wheel hop during hard launches.

All GForce axles also include 1-piece CNC machined billet steel inner and outer stubs. Machined from a single piece of billet steel, GForce inner and outer 1-piece stubs are the strongest stub design period.

Each component of a GForce axle is meticulously designed, machined and assembled in-house, at our Wichita, Kansas based facility. Because we carefully control each process, hand build each axle assembly and only use premium materials, the 850HP axles carry an industry best, 2-Year Limited Warranty.

• Anti-wheel hop technology
• Direct bolt-in fit and finish
• 28 Spline Severe-duty CV’s
• 1-Piece Inner and Outer Stubs
• Aircraft grade certified alloys
• CNC-Machined In House
• Powder coated axles for corrosion protection
• Black e-coat finish on inner and outer stubs to protect against harsh conditions without impeding spline engagement

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